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Merits and Demerits of Video Games


All of us remember the good old days when we would have all the fun playing Super Mario. Since those initial days of video games, it has come a long way till date. With the field of animation evolving completely to a new level, video games nowadays are created with such modern software that looks absolutely real. The look and feel of these games are so appealing to the eyes, that most of the people whether it is a kid or an old man are in love playing with video games. If you recall your childhood days, you will remember the parents would restrict from playing video games. They believed that it was just spoiling the minds of the children. Well, the fact is it does have disadvantages but it also has lot of benefits too which cannot be ignored. Let us look at some of the points in both positive and negative aspect of playing video games.

Positive Aspects

Video games are very good source of distraction. These are so engrossing that your mind needs to be completely focused and hence this can be very useful for distracting when you suffer from any pain or injuries or any other discomfort. If anybody is suffering from an attention deficit disorder then it can be very helpful since playing these games will need concentration which can gradually improve such disorder. Computer games are nowadays used as a part of physiotherapy treatments as these games can be helpful for coordination and gaining motor skills.

One learns to make decisions real quick. This can help you in future at your work place when in some company crisis you will have to take a decision. This makes you more proactive. Children can actually gain a lot of self-confidence by playing these games. Many of such games are based on real history which encourages a child to learn more about it. Your problem solving capabilities get improved by playing such games since some of these are related to riddles and puzzles. People who suffer from depression or have an aggressive behavior can show a lot of improvement with such games since these are very exciting and entertaining that can help in keeping the mind in a happy state.

It may sound unbelievable but researches show that playing video games can actually improve one’s eye sight. Although there are many positive sides to playing such video games and computer games, but there has to be a limit to the duration of playing. Excessive of anything can be harmful to you. Playing for some time is fine but you have to ensure that it should not become an addiction.

Negative Aspects

Most importantly if a gamer becomes addicted to video games, he or she becomes very lethargic which can affect the health. You will end up gaining a lot of weight because of too much sitting and less activity.
One tends to neglect their own health by not doing regular exercises. It also damages eye sight if you play constantly for a very long time. You can suffer from headache because of straining your brain excessively. Too much of video games can affect your sleep. You may suffer from insomnia due to too much of lack of sleep. It can affect one’s mental health too. Since, these games need lot of focus, thus you will lose touch with the reality and the environment around you. Also, people tend to lose their interest from practicing their hobbies and other daily activities.

It can decrease social interaction to a great extent. While playing such games, you end up spending too much time alone and hence your interaction with your family and friends becomes very less. It can affect the nature of a person and make him more an introvert and shy. Some of these games are very violent which can also affect the psychology of a gamer. Researches show that too much of playing video games can actually hinder the human brain growth and affect learning and memory capabilities of a person. It can also hamper the emotional aspect of a human being. Therefore, video games have both advantages and disadvantages depending on how much time you spend on such activities.


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